Compact Additions will be adding a new range of products to an already diverse selection!

Compact will be adding products which will cover NEW categories! These include;

                                                         Point of Sale & Signage

Product range: Snap Frames, LED Light Boxes, Slide in Frames, Poster Snaps, Lockable Poster Cases, Cable Display Systems, Totem Light Boxes, Wall & Door Signage.

Product info – Among our wide range of products, you’ll find a large selection of snap frames including lockable poster and picture frames – available in black and silver – made from aluminium, and PVC. These frames are specifically designed to help you display your items prominently and clearly, thereby attracting the customer’s eye and convincing them to make a purchase they might otherwise not have made.

These new products are very flexible in purpose as they can be used for point of sale or simply as signage for customers. Some of the products can also be used indoor or outdoor.

                                                         Meeting & Presentation

Product range: Whiteboards, Notice boards, Easels, LCD Stands/Mounts, Tablet Stands

Product info – Among this great range of products, there are a number of fantastic practicalities which can help enhance the outcome of any presentation or meeting!

For example the Easel is a smart, functional flipchart with a handy full-width pen tray and a portable display. The Tablet stand provides a locking kit for theft prevention, while the LCD Stand allows large or small visual for your event!  The LCD stand can be portable or mounted.

Check out our range of iPad Display Stands!

Compact’s range of iPad Display Stands allow you to maximise the potential of the iPad for your business by engaging your audience through interactive content. Our range includes counter top stands, floor stands and wall mountable iPad Display Stands. All iPad Display Stands are uniquely flexible and customisable to meet your exact needs.


Click here to view our range of iPad Display Stands!

Welcome to the new Compact Additions website!

Welcome to our new look Compact Additions website! This website has been designed to help you find the perfect display for your trade show, customer meeting, product promotion, conference and all other events. If you need assistance or have any questions regarding any of our products, give us a call on 020 8545 7460 or alternatively send us an email to