iPad & Tablet Holders

We have a large range of tablet holders for the car industry. Popular with dealerships, car showrooms, offices and garages. Honda, Chevrolet and Ford already use these.

The contemporary styling of the tablet holders make them a perfect solution to aid the sale of your product and look great in the showroom to.

The tablet holders enable you to show further features of what you are selling, an extremely powerful sales tool and of great help to your customers.

All tablet holders can be branded (at extra cost) to create a unique product and make you stand out.

Tablet holder functions:

  • Customer information about accessories and specific models
  • Show commercials and promotions
  • Surveys and Data Capture


  • Fits most tablets
  • Wall mounted , Floor Standing, Counter Fixed or Free
  • Cable Management and HDMI Cable Compatible.
  • Lockable Bezel, Safe & Secure – Tamper Resistant
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Tilt & Rotate Functions
  • Lightweight Acrylic, ABS and Aluminium
  • Can be Branded
  • Revealed or Concealed Home Button (iPad only)
  • Bezel Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Cloud, Speech Bubble

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Car dealer

Tablet Display stands

Curved iPad Display Stand


Product details

  • Designed for use with iPad 2, 3, 4 and the new iPad Air
  • Durable silver grey painted steel enclosure and matching floor stand
  • iPad powered from inbuilt battery or via charging port access
  • Black high gloss acrylic fascia
  • Push button security lock with key release
  • Versatile enclosure over tilts through 120° and fully rotates 360°
  • Home button recess allowing Guided Access on iOS 6 and above
  • Maximum overall dimensions 370mm diameter x 1210mm(h)
  • Packaging weight 9.2kg, carton dimensions 1060(w) x 390(d) x 90mm(h)
  • Optional Enclosure Lock & Cable (Security Cord) with two keys

iPad stands and Tablet stands can be freestanding, wall mounted or counter mounted a great way to interact with your customers. At Compact Additions Limited we offer a wide range starting from single tablet holders to multi holders. Have a look at our iPad display section.


Tablet Holders


Stylish and engaging tablet holders for almost any device or public space.

At Compact Additions Limited we offer a large range of iPad / Tablet holders. Counter mounted, Free standing, wall mounted which are all durable, secure and have cable management.

Some of our counter tablet enclosures come in black or white with a choice of round, cloud, square or speech bubble shapes. As an extra order item we can brand the bezel for you.

We are currently working on future proofing the tray designs so that we can support any Windows, Android or IOS device (not for the whole range of tablet stands, please check with us).

Wall mounted tablet enclosures can be fixed, tilt and rotate or Goose-neck and can once again as an extra be branding for you.

Floor standing tablet kiosks for exhibitions, showrooms, trade shows and retail environments, a great way to engage customers.

Keep checking our website the range is getting bigger all the time.




iPad Display products


iPad and tablet display products.

Interaction with your audience in most environments, office, showroom, events and exhibitions.

Free standing, wall or counter mounted we can supply you with the right solution for the safe utilization of your tablet in the publiv enviroment.

High quality material and secure your tablet is protected.

  • Simple freestanding information
  • Product support for your showroom / event
  •  Stylish
  • Secure
  • Ergonomic design

Your iPad is displayed in the most functional and comfortable way. Most leading tablets on the market can be displayed giving you freedom to choose a device that best suites your needs.

Why not combine the iPad stand with one of our other products for maximum impact.




Check out our range of iPad Display Stands!

Compact’s range of iPad Display Stands allow you to maximise the potential of the iPad for your business by engaging your audience through interactive content. Our range includes counter top stands, floor stands and wall mountable iPad Display Stands. All iPad Display Stands are uniquely flexible and customisable to meet your exact needs.


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