Maxibit Zap Roll-up displays, premier roll-up with a first class design!

Maxibit Zap Roll-up displays, premier roll-up with a first class design!

Maxibit Zap, first class design delivers your message in a stylish, strong, high impact way. High quality product and very easy image change. The Zap D2 and Zap D3 comes in two widths 850 mm and 1200 mm with a telescopic pole for adjustable height. A choice of two finishes, silver finish or black. Zap roll up display has elegance, good looks and design ensure your brand does not suffer from an unattractive presence. Supplied with a snap profile making it easy to change your message when you want. A carry bag for portability allows you to take your product to any event. Maxibit Zap roll-up display will hold your message for any campaign. Small public events, shopping centers, exhibitions, marketing events, salons, medical centers, press conferences, entry halls. Lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere. The Swedish design will make your brand shine.The Zap roll-up displays are recyclable, it’s parts are predominantly metal. We supply a wide range of roll-up and other display products which work well together. Large back drops to small portable products such as brochure holders etc. Contact us for further information about the Zap roll-up displays or if you have any questions. We can supply the product with or with the graphic panel.



  • Two designs, two colors & two widths.
  • Approx weight 4-5 kg with graphics and bag.
  • Aluminium alloy
  • Gripper profile
  • Fast and easy graphics exchange
  • Flexible graphic dimensions
  • Recyclable product

Maxibit Zap D2 & D3



Zap is a roll-up display with elegance A unique roll-up focusing on design and good looks so that your brand doesn’t suffer from an unattractive presence. Zap comes in two variations Zap D2 and Zap D3. Both variations come in two widths, 85 and 120 cm. Zap utilises Maxibit’s new Gripper profiler for an easy graphic exchange. All Zap come complete with carry bag.


Where to use it


Zap roll ups are the perfect message bearer for any campaign. It’s a great accompaniment at small public events at shopping centers and transport hubs, like airports and train stations. It’s a reliable system for sales representatives to take with them on the road. It is great for press conferences and media events and will be the ideal choice for marketing in foyers and entry halls.




Maxibit Zap has the advantage of good design. Elegant with fine curves and minimalistic Swedish design allowing your premium brand to shine. Maxibit’s Zap is also 100% recyclable and utilised an anodised surface that is efficient to recycle. Its parts are predominantly metal for quality and durability.


Perfect for:

  • Sales reps
  • Public spaces
  • Trade fairs
  • Conferences
  • Career days
  • In store marketing
  • Company foyer etc.

zap_8_800x600 zap_9_800x600


Maxibit Zap D2 and Zap D3 roll ups



New Zap – Innovation – Function – Design


Strengthen your brand with Zap D2 and Zap D3. Delivering your message with strong impact and style that your brand deserves. Hi quality and easy exchange graphics makes the Zaps unique and compact.

Available in two designs and two widths 85cm & 120cm with adjustable height, standard maximum height 225cm and 300cm with special order pole.

Zap is a roll up display which oozes elegance and strength. This unique roll up with its design and good looks complements your brand and message.

Great for almost any event and perfect to carry your message, very portable and compact supplied complete with its own carry bag.

100% recyclable and efficient to recycle.

  • Unique gripper profile
  • Fast and easy graphic exchange
  • Two designs, two widths
  • available in black
  • Adjustable height
  • Approx, 4 kg with graphics and bag


Strengthen your brand with Zap D2 and Zap D3, your brand is worth it.


Scene Ultralight –a portable fabric display


Innovative display using the latest stretch fabric technology given you an easy transportable, flexible display which is very easy to transport and set up.

A 3 metre back drop fits into a specially designed hard case to protect the product and make it easy to carry to your event.

  • Set up in minutes
  • Straight or curved
  • Perfect for events
  • Lightweight
  • Connect several units
  • 3 metres wide x 2.25 high

Scene ultralight comes in three variations – curved, straight or a combination of straight and curved.

Check out the full range of Maxibit products.


Maxibit Zap,roll up – New Design

What is Zap?

A roll-up display that has elegance and strength.

The unique roll-up has good looks as well as design to make sure your brand or message has a strong presence.

Maxibit Zap is available in two variations, Zap D2 and Zap D3, the difference being the design of the roll-up and in two widths, 85 cm and 120 cm. The Maxibit zap will also be available in black.

Use it for




Medical Centres



Charity Events

Career days


Or any other indoor event.

Let zap carry your message. A very portable and lightweight roll-up, the ideal choice for your event.

This Swedish designed product will compliment your message. Made manly from metal the Zap is 100% recyclable making it the ideal choice.