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We are ready to launch the Expand PromoFlag which will be available in shark fin or teardrop shapes  in Small, Medium & Large. cost effective and excellent for larger volumes.

Please check back for further posts and update.

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I Guess the folks at Expand International deserve another pat on the back showing that they lead the way with the Expand MediaScreen 1.

Although annoying when a product you have spent time designing and making sure it function correctly gets copied, I in a funny kind of a way look at this as a compliment.

Expand International invests in design and production to make sure you get the best value for your money and your brand. The brand you have created is worth so much more so why spoil it by putting your image on a copied product that has no back up?

The pole for the MediaScreen 1 fits directly into the foot instead of into the base making the product much more stable, it also makes the size and the design of the base more slender and refined.

Swedish Quality & Design with a global dealer network.

Expand MediaScreen 1 a user-friendly retractable display which oozes quality. An attractive design accommodates your need to easily set up your message for your target audience.

The telescopic pole makes it easy to adjust the height of your message. Easy to set up and transport, available in three widths:

  • 85 W x 160 – 225cm (adjustable height)
  • 100 W x 160 – 225cm (adjustable height)
  • 150 W x 160 – 225cm (adjustable height)

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults. We care for our customers that’s why we only supply original products that have back up and supply of spares.



Quickscreen 3 by Expand


Voted “Best Banner Stand” by readers of wide format imagine magazine 2010!

The Expand Quickscreen 3 a patented retractable display with an easily removable cassette, enabling you to change your message while on the move.

Available in 7 colours, choose one that best suites your image. Colour kits are available (extra order item) if you want to chop and change colours.

Complete with its telescopic pole the Quickscreen 3 is very easy to set up.


Width: 85 & 100 cm
Height: Adjustable Between 160 – 225 cm
Weight:  3,6 – 5,5 kg

Mini Version 50 x 180 cm
(This version comes with a collapsible, four section pole, non adjustable.)


See the full range of Expand products on our website.

Expand MediaScreen 1


MediaScreen 1 Retractable display with classic design.

Streamlined design and compact shape make this retractable fit in almost any environment.

A telescopic pole makes it easy to adjust the height.

The roll up is fitted with a strong fordable single foot to ensure stability in busy environments.

  • Sleek design
  • Strong
  • Telescopic pole, easy height adjustment
  • Stable
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Spotlight available as an optional extra to enhance your message


Width: 85, 100, 150 cm

Height: Adjustable, betwwen 160 – 225 cm

Weight: 5 Kg (150 cm version 5,8 Kg)

Comes with a padded bag.