Roller Banners

Compact have one of the largest collections of Roller Banners in the UK covering every style, size and function that you may need for your display.

Roller Banners are the ideal portable marketing display because of their simplicity in design and ease of use. Your graphic panel is retracted into the base when the display is not in use. The base also protects your graphic when you need to pack away and transport your display. When your display is in use, a pole is used to connect the top of the graphic (which is attached to a profile, as is the bottom of the graphic) to the base which creates tension to keep your banner up.

Our range of Roller Banners includes the Maxibit Zap Roller Banner, which is one of the most popular roll ups available.

Roller Banners are also known as roll up displays, pull up displays and retractable display stands. Sometimes roller banners are also confused with banner stands which do not feature a mechanism where the banner rolls into the base.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are lightweight display stands that use tension to hold the graphic in place. One end of a pole is connected to a foot and the other end is connected to a profile which is on the top of the graphic. This keeps your banner secure and stable until you are ready to take it down. Banner Stands are a cost effective way of presenting your message to the public. Banner Stands can also be linked together with the use of banner locks to create a wall.

Banner Stands are also known as static banner stands, static display stands, non retractable displays and tension banner stands. Click here to check out the Maxibit Solo Banner Stand.

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Display Stands are the ultimate portable marketing display. Within a matter of minutes your pop up display is ready to go and can be used as a large display or as a backdrop.

Pop Ups are lightweight frames that expand into shape. Once the pop up is opened out, magnetic bars are put into place so that your graphic attaches onto the frame to create your display.

Choose to have your pop up in a straight or curved configuration from a range of sizes to create the perfect backdrop for your display.

Pop Up Displays are also referred to as pop up frames. Click here to check out the Maxibit Network Pop Up Display.

iPad Display Stands

Our range of iPad Display Stands enable you to use the interactive features of the iPad to reach your audience by giving them a way of engaging with your content.

Choose from our Floor StandingCounter Top and Wall Mountable iPad stands and an iPad bracket that can be used to mount your iPad onto your Roller Banner Display Stand.

Our range of iPad display stands are available in various shapes and sizes with a selection of customisable options to choose from.