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Expand 2000

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The Expand 2000 is one of the most flexible pop up displays available.

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Use the Expand 2000 to create display walls in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your event. Setup of the Expand 2000 is incredibly easy and no tools are required.

The Expand 2000 is a large display which ensures your message will deliver maximum impact in whatever environment you decide to use your display. Spotlights are also available to enhance your display.

If you would like to add a moving image to your display, you can integrate the Expand MonitorStand into the Expand 2000. The monitor stand uses the VESA standard and can be used for up to a 32″ screen and a maximum of 15kg in weight.

Expand also offer a monitor holder that allows you to add a small flat screen to your Expand 2000 pop up display. A small cut out can be made to one of the graphic panels so you can hang your monitor onto the system. If your Expand 2000 uses support feet then the maximum weight of your monitor can be 5kg. Without the support feet the monitor can be a maximum of 2kg.

The Expand 2000 is available in the following configurations: 2×3, 3×3, 4×3, 5×3. Each configuration is available in both straight and curved formations. Also choose to have your Expand 2000 in a L, T, C or S shape configuration. With the Expand 2000 the choice is yours.

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