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Expand MediaWall XL

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The Expand MediaWall XL forms a large impressive display wall that will ensure that you stand tall amongst the rest.

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What sets the Expand MediaWall XL apart from other traditional pop up walls is that it is both taller and wider which gives your message a alot more visibility.

Despite the size of the Expand MediaWall XL, it can still be setup by one person in just minutes. This gigantic display folds down to fit into the Expand PodiumCase which can be used for transporting your Expand MediaWall XL and can be used as a podium/presentation counter. The front of the Expand MediaWall XL is 33 percent larger than the regular Expand  MediaWall.

A small flat screen can mounted onto your Expand MediaWall XL using Expand’s monitor holder. A small cut out needs to be made in one of the graphic panels in order to hand the monitor onto your MediaWall XL system. The maximum weight of your flat screen can be up to 5kg.


  • Width: 390, 460cm
  • Height: 264cm
  • Weight: 5.7-14.6kg including graphics

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