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Expolinc Panel Base & Magnet Frame

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The Expolinc Panel Base is a double sided floor standing display system that accepts all types of rigid board materials up to a total of 18.5mm thick and keeps them in a firm grip so your audience can see your message.

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The Expolinc Panel Base features a natural anodised surface to complement your message. Your graphic material is secured by the foots grip and under the base there are synthetic rubber feet to protect the display and the floor.

Installation for the Expolinc Panel Base is fast and your panel stays stable. The Expolinc Panel base is also the base for the Expolinc Magnetic Frame.

The Expolinc Magnet Frame is a double sided frame that holds your graphic in place using the power of magnets. The Expolinc Magnet Frame is quick and easy to assemble and to anchor into the Expolinc Panel Base.

Panel Base

  • Width: 8*/40/61cm
  • Weight: 0.8/1.9/2.8kg

*Delivered in pairs

Magnetic Frame

  • Width: 40/61cm
  • Height: 160/180cm


Johan Öberg, Sales Europe of Expolinc says:

Our strategy is to expand together with strong and professional partners. We believe in local sales and service meaning fast deliveries, professional support and information in local language. Together with Compact Additions Ltd we will build a strong, long term sales and service concept for the UK market, using their well established network of dealers and partners. Compact Additions has a long and successful history in this segment and we are excited about the opportunity.

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